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Why Facial Oils Aren't the Magic Bullet for Dry Skin

Learning the difference between dry skin and dehydration There’s a common misconception that facial oils are the best way to hydrate dry skin — and not only is this just half of the story, but making the mistake of only using an oil based product can make it more difficult for you to achieve any other skin care goals you have, like reducing inflammation or breakouts, or warding off the signs of aging. To avoid dry skin and dehydration, we need a skin care regimen that performs two different functions: adding moisture, and preventing moisture loss. Humectants and emollients: your weapons against dehydration When you think of hydration, think water. Increasing water (internally or externally) is the best way to hydrate your skin, but unfortunately pure water evaporates before it can penetrate beyond your...

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Green Hacks for Modern Life

This modern life is all about go, go, go and a constant push to accomplish more in less time. Many of today's modern conveniences end up sacrificing our ideals if we're not careful. Here are 10 thoughtful ways to make modern life easier on the environment.

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Preservatives: Necessary, But Not Necessarily Evil

We consider ourselves to be an environmentally-conscious, green, and holistic-minded company, and we put so much effort and research into every aspect of our operations, from avoiding filler ingredients in our products, to using recyclable packaging and eliminating plastic, to donating 5% of our profits to environmental causes. Like most eco-aware brands striving to be as nontoxic as possible, we have lost sleep over the issue of preservatives. They're the target of intense scrutiny now, and for good reason. Toxic preservatives are found in so many of the products we use on our bodies and in our homes every day. Why we need preservatives We have to remember that preservatives have a purpose; they weren't designed as a sneaky way for...

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Oil or Water Based: What's the Right Product for You?

Oil is making a major comeback in skincare. Once considered a luxurious natural indulgence fit for queens like Cleopatra, then shunned for fear it would clog pores and exacerbate acne, oil is once again considered a skincare "do" for everything from cleansing to moisturizing. Oil-based products help strengthen your skin's protective lipid barrier, which protects your inner layers of skin from the hazards of pollution, dry air and UV rays. Oils also help seal in moisture, soothe sensitive skin, and impart a lovely sensual texture. But the rising popularity of botanical oils doesn't mean water-based products are out of vogue. For example, hyaluronic acid, one of the "it" ingredients in skincare for its supreme moisturization properties, is only available in water-based formulations. And water is the absolute best...

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America Needs Stricter Regulation of Cosmetics

Stroll down the skincare aisle in Walmart or in Whole Foods and, despite the major differences in the two retailers' strategies, you'll get the same impression: today's shoppers are interested in using safe and nontoxic products on their skin. Consumers Aren't As Protected As They Think A survey released this month by the Mellman Group and American Viewpoint revealed that "voters overwhel­mingly support stricter regulation of the chemical ingredients used in their personal care products." In addition, a third of Americans surveyed assumed that the government has tested and approved most of the chemicals used in personal care products. The survey also found that: 94 percent believe that companies should be required to notify the government when their products injure consumers 87 percent...

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