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America Needs Stricter Regulation of Cosmetics

America Needs Stricter Regulation of Cosmetics

Stroll down the skincare aisle in Walmart or in Whole Foods and, despite the major differences in the two retailers' strategies, you'll get the same impression: today's shoppers are interested in using safe and nontoxic products on their skin.

Consumers Aren't As Protected As They Think

A survey released this month by the Mellman Group and American Viewpoint revealed that "voters overwhel­mingly support stricter regulation of the chemical ingredients used in their personal care products."

In addition, a third of Americans surveyed assumed that the government has tested and approved most of the chemicals used in personal care products.

87% of us want stricter regulation of personal care products.

The survey also found that:

  • 94 percent believe that companies should be required to notify the government when their products injure consumers
  • 87 percent believe federal officials should have the authority to recall personal care products found to contain toxic chemicals
  • 87 percent want stricter regulation of personal care products
  • 74 percent are less likely to purchase products from companies that fight regulation
  • Almost two-thirds of likely voters want their cosmetics to be safe

The Cosmetics Industry Needs More Oversight

The truth is that federal regulation of cosmetics is currently very weak. The Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act, which was enacted in 1938, is the only federal legislation addressing cosmetics, and at 80 years old, it is woefully inadequate to effectively address today's modern concerns about the dangers of certain chemicals widely used as ingredients in our cosmetics.

Federal regulation of cosmetics is currently very weak.

The bipartisan Personal Care Products Safety Act, introduced in April last year, would require the FDA to evaluate five cosmetics ingredients identified as potentially risky each year. Based on its findings, the FDA could ban or restrict the use of those ingredients.

Consumers Must Protect Themselves

In the meantime, cosmetics and skincare consumers should educate themselves on the safety of the ingredients in the products they use. Two of the best resources are the Skin Deep database by the Environmental Working Group and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

When it comes to our products, Activist Skincare has done the research for you, and chosen not to include potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens or palmitates. You can learn more about the ingredients we use in our glossary of actives and other ingredients.

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