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Botanical Cleansing Oil
Botanical Cleansing Oil

Botanical Cleansing Oil


$ 42.00

A luxuriously aromatic oil-based cleanser that removes makeup and impurities, then rinses away effortlessly.

The experience

  • Spa-like aromas of geranium, pink grapefruit and lavender essential oils.
  • Rinses away easily. No need for a hot cloth or second cleanse.

The benefits

  • Leaves skin soft, not stripped of natural oils.
  • Dissolves stubborn makeup like mascara.

Step 1 of 4 in the Activist Method

How to use — Start with dry hands and face. Pump into hand and massage over dry face. Add water and rinse to wash away makeup and impurities.

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (From Coconut; Palm-Free), Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Organic Hempseed Oil, Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, Geranium Flower Oil, Pink Grapefruit Flower Oil, Lavender Flower Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E).


    Customer Reviews

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    This cleanser is your one-stop shop

    As someone who loves clean, glowing skin AND efficiency, this is my new favorite product. It removes makeup (yes even waterproof mascara) and leaves your skin soft and hydrated. The pleasant scent isn't overwhelming. It feels good, it has a smaller carbon footprint than the multiple products I used to use, and is great for travel. Highly recommend!

    It works!

    It just works. It's easy to use. I massage it on to dry skin and remove it with a warm wet washcloth. It removes all of my makeup. It doesn't disrupt or trigger breakouts on my sensitive acne prone skin. The scent is not strong at all, and it's pleasant. The price is good. I liked the environmentally friendly packaging and delivery; minimal plastic (except the pumping mechanism) and no bubble wraps. I'll probably purchase it again once I use it up.

    So in love

    I think I found my holy grail face cleanser. I love using balm cleansers but I've been wanting to try oil cleansers that wash off clean. This cleanser cleans so well - all the makeup off, even my mascara and eyeliner, but keeps my face fresh and moist. I love the faint herbal fragrance, too! Sometimes oil based cleansers are hard to spread and you kind of have to wrestle and tug your skin but not with this one! So smooth and soft (not sure if this is the right word) and easy to spread and roll around for thoroughly massaging your face. My favorite item in the bathroom currently :)
    Love that it's cruelty free, for a good cause and all natural!

    Thank you so much, Kim! We're so happy you love it!
    Botanical Cleansing Oil - Love this stuff!!

    I am a double cleanse gal & have tried more cleansing oil than I can count. I had my favorite cleansing oil until I tried this one. I love the feel & smell of this oil. Using it as a first cleanse I apply all over my face & let sit for a minute. Then I use a eco/green wash that lathers over the top as a second cleanser & remove eye make up. This leaves my skin moisturized after cleansing & free of both make up & impurities. Could be used alone, I just prefer a double cleanse!! My new fave cleansing oil.


    Jumped on the sale for this cleansing oil after seeing a glowing review from a YouTuber I follow. While I agree with her assessment that the slip is lovely and it doesn't leave a film at all after washing it off, it did not turn as mikly as I was expecting after adding water, nor did it remove my makeup that well as there was makeup residue on my drying towel and I don't wear heavy makeup. Glad I got it on sale rather than full price and doubtful that I'd repurchase.

    We're as disappointed as you are that this didn't live up to your expectations! When it emulsifies, it is on the subtle side. And, to be most effective at removing makeup, it helps to start with dry hands and face and massage into the skin. If this doesn't work out for you, we are happy to offer a return or exchange. Just let us know how we can help! Thanks so much, Allison

    I love the simple and clean ingredients. I love the texture of the oils in this blend; it really allows for a nice facial massage as it melts the makeup and SPF off the skin. It washes off cleanly but doesn't strip the skin. Has a very nice botanical scent I would think even the most sensitive to scents would love.

    My Favorite Oil Cleanser!

    I use this as a first cleanse in the evening and it removes every stick of makeup and sunscreen. I love the feel and the scent of this oil.. In the morning I use this and it is a perfect base to do facial massage (perfect) it also leaves my skin ready for the next step.. my skin sinks right in.. I Love this cleanser so much! I highly recommend!

    Botanical cleansing super oil!

    I’ve been using cleansing oils for over 20 years, and this one makes the top of my list. It’s very mild scented, has a great texture where it’s thick enough with lots of slip without being heavy. I use it as a first cleanse in the evening, after I’ve taken off my eye makeup. Massage in, then add a little warm water and it get just the right amount of milkiness and it washes off beautifully. Takes off all your make up. It would take off eye makeup as well, it’s just a preference of mine to take it off first and not rub it all over my face when I do a first cleanse.
    Overall, it’s lovely. I will say that there could be more of a “scent” to the oil. The smell is very mild and slightly citrusy. I like mild smelling cleansers, but some people may miss that lack of a signature scent.
    All in all, I love it and will continue to buy for a long time! Allison the owner is wonderful, knowledgeable, and very friendly if you ever have any questions for her. Just a great company doing everything right and I really believe in their philosophy!

    So Effective

    This cleansing oil works so well. It takes off all my old makeup, etc and hydrates my skin. I have sensitive skin so it can always be a toss up if something will work for me without irritating and this did. Thank goodness! I love the subtle smell...not too much and not too little. Will recommend to all my friends! Also- the packaging is gorgeous.