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Our Founder

A Note from Allison

Founding a company that helps people with something so personal as their skin — and which helps to make a broader impact on our world through charity — is a dream come true for me.

Allison Callaway, founder of Activist Skincare

My passion for natural healing and fascination with active ingredients began in my teen years with my frustrating struggle with acne. My sensitive skin could not tolerate traditional dermatological prescriptions, and I spent countless hours researching natural remedies.

Fifteen years later, my clients' results from the formulations I create for them are the greatest motivation and inspiration to continue creating made-to-order skincare for unique skin types.

I thank my parents for giving me the self assurance to follow my dreams. My mother, a horticulturist, landscape designer and teacher, inspires all ages to love the natural world. She's an amazing example of female strength and authenticity — or as my dad says, "a real woman." My father, whose favorite saying is "Always be true to yourself," is a craftsman who embodies integrity, resourcefulness and quiet confidence. Thanks Mom and Dad for inspiring me to follow my own path.

And thanks to you for joining me in this journey.

All my best,
Allison Callaway
Founder, Activist Skincare