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Eco-Luxe Skincare Made To Order

natural and organic facial serums for anti-aging, acne and more

Activist creates custom-formulated skincare to help clients simplify and optimize their skincare rituals. Each product is made by hand in a batch of one.

We ensure that your skin gets the ingredients it needs based on your skin type, and leave out unnecessary filler ingredients.

With our serums, your skin gets a highly effective dose of the active ingredients best for your skin type.

Our Philosophy

We believe that your skin is as unique as you are, and it deserves to be treated like an individual. Why use unnecessary chemicals that won't benefit you, or miss out on the active ingredients that can really make a difference for your skin? Our emphasis on caring for each client's unique skin type — and our 5% donation to charity — sets us apart from other skincare companies.

Meet our Founder

Allison Callaway, founder of Activist Skincare

Allison's own struggle with problematic skin — and frustration with harsh prescriptions and one-size-fits-all products that never seemed to work — inspired her to create her own custom solutions to address multiple concerns. Read her story >

What's in a name?

We chose our name, Activist, for three reasons:
1. Proactive. We empower our clients to take a proactive, individualized approach to skin health.
2. Actives. We determine the right active ingredients for your unique skin type. 
3. Activism. 5% of sales is donated to charity (learn more here).

Committed to the Highest Standards

the best active ingredients for skin care: anti-aging, acne and more

We pride ourselves on our individualized approach and attention to detail. We make every product to order for each client's unique needs — every batch is a batch of one.

Our resolution to use only the highest quality actives and ingredients is paramount. All of our products are vegan and free of artificial fragrances, parabens, and a long list of other toxins. 

We use beautiful amber glass bottles because they keep our serums fresh longer, and don't leach any of the toxic chemicals found in plastics. Glass is also one of the most recyclable materials.

Our commitment to take care of each client as an individual deserving of our undivided attention is the foundation of our custom skincare practice. (For more on how we do business, read how it works or see our satisfaction guarantee on the customer service page.)

And our dream of changing the world in our own small way is why we donate 5% of proceeds (from the sales price, not after expenses) to activism.

Activist is not just a skincare company — it's a philosophy, a way of life. 

Environmental Impact

eco luxury facial skin care serums

We have designed our products to make the best use of natural resources. From sourcing 100% palm-free, sustainable ingredients to vetting each component we use for safety, we ensure our products are as good for the planet as they are for your skin.

We carefully choose our packaging to ensure that we are making the smallest environmental impact possible. We choose glass over plastic everywhere possible. Our bottles are all recyclable.

We are always striving to reduce the environmental impact of our products. If you have a great idea on how we can improve, please let us know.

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