Actives + Advocacy = Activist

Activist Skincare is an artisanal line that is lovingly handcrafted in small batches in our studio-lab in Southern California.

While creating incredible skincare products is our primary obsession, we are idealists at heart who look at every aspect of our business as an opportunity to be the change.

That's where we get our name: active ingredients + advocating for change = Activist Skincare.

Our ethos

Being in business means having influence, and we take that seriously.

From ethically sourcing environmentally-sustainable ingredients and formulating pure and potent products without cheap fillers, to the ethics of how we treat people and our planet, it all matters deeply to us.

We seek sustainably-minded suppliers, prioritize women and people of color when selecting our partners and vendors, and treat our beloved customers with respect.


We believe that taking incredible care of our skin shouldn't come at the expense of our planet.

Our products are formulated using high-performance, nontoxic active ingredients that will effectively target your skin goals without compromising safety for our bodies and the environment.

And with our eco-friendly packaging system, which pairs gorgeous refillable glass containers with low-waste refill pouches, it's so convenient to reduce your ecological footprint and treat yourself at the same time.


Meet our founder, Allison

Two things influenced Allison to start Activist: her obsession with the science of skincare stemming from her teenaged struggle with acne, and her passion to protect our planet as a nature and animal lover.

After studying natural skincare formulation and mixing up lots of experimental formulas in the kitchen, Activist Skincare was born. Eventually we moved into our studio-lab, where we continue to joyfully make and ship everything by hand in small batches.

Allison lives in the Los Angeles area with her partner Robert and wild-child son Thomas, who you may spy on our socials every now and then. As a family they love hiking, camping, surfing, travel, music, being creative and making the most of this life on Earth.