Actives + Advocacy = Activist

Activist Skincare is an artisanal line that is lovingly handcrafted in small batches in our studio-lab in Southern California.

While creating incredible skincare products is our primary obsession, we are idealists at heart who look at every aspect of our business as an opportunity to be the change.

That's where we get our name: active ingredients + advocating for change = Activist Skincare.

Our ethos

Being in business means having influence, and we take that seriously.

From ethically sourcing clean, safe ingredients and refillable packaging to ethical manufacturing, it all matters deeply to us.

We seek sustainably-minded suppliers, prioritize women and people of color when selecting our partners and vendors, and treat our beloved customers with respect.

Meet our founder

Hi, I'm Allison and I've been an environmentalist my whole life. Learning about the shrinking Amazon rainforest when I was six years old made a big impact on me, and from that moment I've been out to save the planet.

Another thing that left its mark on me at a young age was having acne. It put me on a mission to learn how skin — our body's largest organ — works, inside and out.

Activist Skincare was born from my fascination with skincare and passion for protecting the planet through sustainable practices and donations to environmental organizations.

My family and I live in the Los Angeles area where we thrive on getting outside and enjoying this one-of-a-kind planet as much as possible.

Thank you for being along with me on this journey!