Anti-Acne Serum Before & After Challenge

We're releasing a new anti-acne/anti-maskne serum made with active ingredients we've found to be successful in 4 years of creating custom serums for our clients struggling with acne. The same ingredients have shown to be effective again and again, so we decided to make the formula a permanent offering available to everyone.

The product will be available for sale in November at a price of $64 for 1oz (30 ml).

But first, we're offering a select group of acne sufferers the chance to try the serum for two months and give us their feedback about how it works. We'll use information we gather to market/advertise the serum when it launches.

It's a 60-day challenge where you'll use the serum 2x daily and let us know how it's working for your skin by filling out easy surveys every two weeks and sending us an "after" photo at the end. It's not a big time commitment, and you could see major skin improvement! 

How it works

  1. Fill out the interest form so we can determine if you are a good fit
  2. Receive the secret link to order your serum ($5 to cover our costs)
  3. Take a "before" photo according to guidelines
  4. Begin the 60-day challenge
  5. Receive a $50 gift card when you finish the challenge