Collaborations with Activist Collective

We're recruiting strong voices with bright faces to represent Activist Collective and all we stand for —particularly, mobilizing the power of self care to save the planet.

Our mission is to empower activists with a supportive community and products that enable your self care. Skincare is our platform — a moment in your day that becomes a gateway to deeper self care on many levels. We believe that filling your own cup is a critical part of being an effective change maker.

This is an opportunity to engage in a conscious collaboration with a brand that rewards and respects you. 

WHO? Environmentalist content creators like YOU :)

WHAT? Collaborations may take the form of content creation (posts or videos), giveaways, and more.

Help us turn skincare into a powerful vehicle for saving the planet:

  • show that taking care of yourself is essential to being an effective change-maker
  • participate in the Activist Collective community, helping inspire others to become activists
  • 5% of every purchase goes to the planet!
  • A generous portion of every purchase is commission for you — supporting you as an activist!

WHY? Because if business got us into this environmental mess, it can help get us out of it. Not just through conscious capitalism, and not just with 5% of revenue going to environmental conservation, but by taking citizen activism to the next level and getting more people on board.

WHEN? Collaborations can be one-time or ongoing.

HOW? We'll work out a mutually-beneficial agreement that fairly compensates you for your time and effort. In addition to your compensation, we also send 5% of the sales revenue generated by your outreach to the NGO of your choice.