Frequently asked questions about refills

Refill system

1. When your product is empty, save the container.

2. Order a refill and save 10% (or 15% if you subscribe).

3. Squeeze the refill pouch into your container.

Yes, in select locations. While we're currently focused on bringing refills directly to as many homes in the United States and worldwide as possible, we're also slowly building our network of retail partners.

If there's one in your neighborhood, please help support them! :)


Subscriptions are awesome for saving time and money.

You can choose whatever schedule works for you, and you can change, skip, or cancel anytime through your account.

There's no catch; we just want to keep your skin and our planet happy using the least amount of resources possible...including your time :)

Subscribers lock in 15% off compared to the normal price of products in glass containers.

You'll also receive free shipping on every order, no minimum.

Our subscription builder helps take the guesswork out of how often to schedule your deliveries. It makes suggestions based on how often you intend to use each product. Give it a try!

Currently, subscriptions are only offered to customers with a United States shipping address.

International customers can still order refill pouches on an as-needed basis.

Products & ingredients

Whether your skin is excessively oily, super dry, breakout-prone, or somewhere in between, we've got you.

With three different cleanser options, two different serums, and more, you can customize your own Activist Method to your needs.

Start with our Trial Kit to try 7 different products and see which ones work best for your skin.

We offer three cleansers to meet the needs of all different types of skin.

For those with oily or acne-prone skin, we recommend Botanical Cleansing Oil.

For those with normal or combination skin, we recommend Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel.

For those with sensitive or dry skin, we recommend Deep Moisture Cleansing Balm.

If your skin falls into more than one category, please feel free to reach out to us for a personalized recommendation.

Active Hydration Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum is formulated to hydrate, brighten, firm and protect all skin types.

Calming Force Clear Skin Serum is formulated to hydrate, soothe, unclog pores, reduce redness and inflammation and lighten hyperpigmentation, so it's great for acne or blemish-prone skin.

We know that essential oils can cause sensitivity if they're used above certain concentration levels or left on the skin for too much time.

That's why we use them at a safe amount and only use them in two of our cleansers. They're only on your skin for a minute and they make washing your face so much more enjoyable before you rinse them off. (We have an EO-free cleanser option, too.)

Where needed, we do use preservatives. (Products that don't come into contact with water, like our face oil, don't need a preservative.)

We use eco-safe preservatives that are rated 1 by the Environmental Working Group for safety to our bodies and environment. Learn more about the preservatives we use


Our refill pouches are made of mylar: a lightweight, durable type of plastic.

We love them because they reduce shipping emissions and don't need the protection of boxes and padding during shipment.

We ship them in lightweight, 100% post-consumer recycled unpadded envelopes, to further reduce packaging waste.

Pouches greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to recycled glass bottles.

Our average glass container weighs 100g and travels 17,000 miles in each cycle of recycling and remanufacturing, whereas our pouches weigh an average of 8g and only travel 8,300 miles.

That means that the average glass container generates 115 times the shipping emissions that a pouch does, which doesn't even take into account the huge amount of energy it takes to recycle and re-manufacture glass.

If you keep your glass container and refill it 10 times, you'll produce more than 1,000% less greenhouse gas emissions!

Our 1.0-1.7 oz capacity pouches contain just 3g of plastic, while the tops of the containers they refill contain more.

For example, the lid on Sea to Skin Cleansing Gel weighs 9g. That's a 1/3 reduction in plastic waste from just one refill. Imagine the impact of refilling all the skincare you use multiple times!

Our products are liquid, so they would slowly eat through the compostable options currently on the market, causing leaks and possible exposure to microbial contamination.

We promise that as green tech advances, so will we!

Mylar pouches are not accepted in curbside recycling, but they can be recycled through TerraCycle.

You can drop used pouches in a TerraCycle drop box, or ship them back to us free of charge. Request a shipping label

Before you get bummed about not being able to recycle the pouches easily, remember that the point of recycling is to reduce the waste of materials and energy, both of which you're already doing by refilling your containers with pouches that use less way resources than glass packaging!

Recycling is an imperfect, resource-intensive process. Refilling is truly superior to recycling.

Managing your subscription

You will receive an email a few days before your subscription is set to renew so that you have time to make any necessary changes.

You can also check your subscription any time through your account. Log in here

You have complete control over your subscription through your online account. Log in here

Here's what you can do:

- Skip a delivery

- Change your delivery frequency

- Change the day of the month that your subscription renews

- Add a one-time product

- Add an additional subscription product

- Cancel one or multiple product subscriptions

More questions?

If you're not sure if our products will be a good fit for your skin, please order a Trial Kit first. Only unopened, unused, full-size products in original condition may be returned for a refund, minus shipping costs. Please contact us for a return shipping label. Trial Kits are not eligible for return.

Drop us a line at or DM us on Instagram @activistskincare