International Influencer Program

Spread the Word Around the World

We are so honored that influencers around the world are hearing about Activist and want to be a part of our story. It's an amazing feeling every time a blogger or photographer reaches out to us, especially when it's from across the ocean!

Due to the nature of bespoke skincare, our premium ingredients are expensive, and custom-formulating products is very labor intensive. International shipping is also costly. So unfortunately it's not possible for us to honor every request we receive.

To help solve this problem, we developed the International Influencer Program so that we can honor more of the requests we receive to collaborate with influencers overseas, and make it a win-win situation.

How it Works

In exchange for shipping a complimentary full-size sample of our Custom Serum Duo, which includes two serums custom made to order for your skin type (a US $169 value exclusive of shipping costs), we ask that our partners in collaboration share with us at least three high-res files of their photography of our products via email.

We'll use this photography to re-post on our social media pages and give credit to the influencer. We also may use it in printed pieces such as brochures, or other advertising such as banner ads.

This co-promotion helps offset the high cost of sending custom skincare samples, allowing us to spread the word about Activist while also expanding the reach of the influencers with whom we collaborate.

We hope that you'll be interested in working with us!