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Meet Mercedes!

Mercedes is a sociologist whose heart led her to the intersection of beauty and wellness, where you'll find her under the name L'Amour et la Musique. An "OG" beauty blogger, she has amassed a loyal following of fellow beauty enthusiasts who trust her in-depth product reviews as much as they are fascinated by her insightful musings on topics as diverse as astrology, spirituality, holistic medicine, food justice, deep house music, and other topics under the umbrella of conscious living.

Her passion for analysis and reflection on the beauty industry that you'll enjoy on her YouTube channel and Instagram feed is contagious. We're thankful for the opportunity to work with her, and honored that we've earned her respect. "I love that Activist is a small woman-owned business born out of Allison's personal skin health journey. Her individualized approach to formulation, as well as her charitable missions, set the brand apart," she says.

Her activism focus

Activism is in Mercedes's blood; she along with her father and sister chose careers in sociology, with work focused on improving Americans' relationship with food. So it's only natural that she has decided to send the "5% to charity" donation from purchases generated by her ambassadorship to her late father's foundation, the Lyson Center for Civic Agriculture and Food Systems.

"My father was a prominent sociologist at Cornell University before his passing in late 2006. His legacy of work on reviving local economies through sustainable agriculture and food system alternatives is carried on through work at The Lyson Center through the Center for Transformative Action at Cornell," Mercedes says.

The organization's mission is "to provide practical research-based information, tools, programs and services that lead to productive collaboration between food systems scholars, professionals, and active residents engaged in food systems development work at the community level." 

Essentially, the Center supports activists in the field who help rural and urban communities become healthier in both the economic and human sense by creating better synergies between their agricultural production and consumption of fresh foods.

Her skin secrets

Mercedes is blessed with generally "normal" skin that tends to get dry and dehydrated when out of balance. She focuses her skincare selections on strengthening her lipid barrier, avoiding redness, protection from the sun and her urban environment's pollution during the day, and restoration and rejuvenation at night.

She's a fan of our Custom Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Botanical Cleansing Oil. "The Custom Hyaluronic Serum is one of the most luxe hyaluronic products I've tried — it's supremely moisturizing and I feel my skin is at its best at retaining moisture when I'm using it. The Botanical Cleansing Oil is perfect at breaking down makeup and comes off with a warm cloth, but can also be emulsified and rinsed clean. I love this kind of versatility in a cleanser, making it great for travel!" she says.

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