Activist Skincare: Who We Are – Activist Collective

Who We Are

Activist founder, Allison

Activist Collective is about coming together to stand up for health and beauty — that of ourselves and our planet. We believe that skin care is an act of self love that creates cascading positive effects: nurturing oneself increases confidence, helps us reconnect to our identity and purpose, and restores the energy and resolve needed to take on big endeavors like fighting for what we believe in.

Activist began when our founder Allison began creating her own products to heal her compromised skin. Through studying natural skincare and plant-derived ingredients, she discovered a deeper respect for nature and an opportunity to use business as a force for good.

Our collective of real-world activists, known as Activist Ambassadors, are our partners in the field who are working on important projects for the environment, human rights and animal welfare. A significant portion of each Activist product you purchase goes to support them, including donations to NGOs and direct financial support of activism work.

This brand will evolve beyond skincare into a platform for celebrating activists and showing that taking real action for a cause is something that should not be intimidating, difficult or even unconventional. We hope to inspire more women and men to join in a movement of small daily actions that together, can save our one and only planet and its inhabitants.

The next time you see an Activist product, please pause to look at the woman on the bottle. She is inviting you to join our collective of everyday activists!