Activist Skincare: Who We Are

Who We Are

Activist founder, Allison

Activist is a collective of people who value our health and natural beauty, and that of our planet. We believe in the empowerment that comes from prioritizing self care. Nurturing ourselves helps us be our best and fosters deeper connections to each other and to nature.

The Activist story began when our founder Allison’s struggle with problematic skin and poor results from conventional products and prescriptions propelled her to become her own skin advocate. She studied natural skincare and the powerful active ingredients and botanical extracts that support epidermal health. Inspired to help others, she began creating products for special skin concerns and expanded into a full line.

It was a natural decision to build the environment into the business model. Our skin is a reflection of our wellness, which suffers in an environment polluted with toxins and depleted of resources. When our environment is clean, safe, and healthy, we flourish.

Caring for your skin is an act of love that can create cascading positive effects — even a movement. By making real activists the face of our brand, we shine a light on those brave enough to do the difficult work of literally changing the world so that humanity can achieve sustainability on our one and only planet.

We invite you to join the Activist collective!