Activist Skincare: Who We Are

Who We Are

Meet our Founder

Activist founder, Allison

I grew up in a nature-centric family, and spent much of my childhood in forests and near bodies of water. My mother, a horticulturist, taught me a deep appreciation for plants, along with a sense of fierce feminine self-reliance. As a child, I was fascinated by mixing concoctions from the herbs in her garden. I remember visits to see her best friend, who was a reiki healer and ate the wildcrafted dandelion and mustard greens growing in her alpaca pasture. It was experiences like these and our shared attraction to artists, scientists, activists and other original thinkers — bold visionaries seeking a more creative, equitable and sustainable world — that influenced my sense of self.

So when I found myself in a battle against acne and harsh mainstream products and prescriptions didn’t work for me, I set out to discover the answer in the natural world. It took countless hours of research, trial and error to bring my skin back to health and balance. I finally realized that my breakouts were not an enemy to attack, but my body signaling that it was in distress. I had been bombarding my skin with harsh chemicals instead of nursing it back to health in a gentle and holistic way. As my approach changed, so did my skin — but more than that, the connection between underlying systemic imbalances and their manifestation in outward symptoms became clear to me.

I am deeply passionate about helping others avoid toxins, nourish their bodies inside and out, and set on a path of healing. Similarly, I feel a strong sense of responsibility to live in balance with our mother earth, the source of health and wellness. That is why I founded Activist and created our simple Method for skin health, and why 5% of our sales revenue goes to environmental charities.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!


Activist Skincare founder