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Who We Are

Activist founder, Allison

When Your Place In the World is to Change It

Growing up, I was a strange bird. My interests revolved around protecting animals and the environment, and I had major social anxiety and acne. While everyone else was going to prom and football games, I was digging through the internet for holistic ways to save my skin, and counterculture movements to save the planet. I had a few close buds (thanks guys 🙏), but overall it felt like nobody got me.

Fast forward a decade or so later, and I now realize that having strong beliefs and being true to yourself is the most beautiful thing anyone can do. But it can still be hard to find your place in the world if changing the world is your M.O.

Enter Activist Collective — a safe space to be true to yourself, expand your self care, and mobilize that positive energy to create change. Skincare is our vehicle because everyone has a face that needs love. But it's about a lot more than that — we're here to do big things together. The world needs us to be ourselves, not hold back. Welcome home.

— Allison, founder