Our 4-Step Method

How to make Activist your daily ritual
for the best skin of your life

1. Cleanser

Choose one of our gentle oil-based cleansers to remove excess oil, makeup and impurities.

How to oil cleanse: Start with dry skin, and massage the cleanser on your face. Rinse. Your skin will be left feeling soft and dewy, not stripped.

2. Toning Mist

Use Healing Water Toning Mist to hydrate and soothe skin after cleansing or any time of day.

How to use it: Spray lightly onto skin and allow to absorb for 15 seconds.

3. serum

Choose your hydrating serum:
For normal to dry skin, Active Hydration Vitamin C + Antioxidant Serum will help brighten, firm and protect your skin from UV radiation with vitamins B and C, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids.

For acne-prone or red and inflamed skin, choose Calming Force Clear Skin Serum to bring down redness, unclog pores and ward off acne-causing bacteria.

How to use it: Dispense a small amount into the palm of your hand, then smooth onto the skin.

4. face oil

Use Precious Oils Active Infusion to seal in moisture and protect your skin with antioxidants and actives CoQ10 + bisabolol.

How to use it: Dispense a small amount onto your fingertips, and gently press onto your skin. Allow 1-2 minutes for it to absorb.

+ exfoliate weekly

Exfoliate 1-3x per week with Vitamin C Superpowder to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighter, smoother skin.

How to: Wet your face. With dry hands, open the canister and the powder into your palm. Add a few drops of water and mix until it forms a paste, then gently massage into your skin for a few seconds, focusing on areas that need more exfoliation. Be gentle and don't overdo it — this is powerful stuff! Rinse and pat dry.

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