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For results you can really see on your skin
but with less waste, make the commitment
to powerful skincare in refillable packaging.

Our low-waste refill pouches keep our
pure, clean ingredients fresh and potent
for max effectiveness with minimal trash.

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Your questions, answered.

We strongly believe that our plastic refill pouches are better for the planet than recycling glass bottles for one very important reason: the climate.

Glass is very heavy compared to plastic, so every mile it travels, it burns more fossil fuels.

And recycled bottles travel a lot: from the manufacturer overseas, to their US-based warehouse, to the screen-printing shop for labeling, to us for filling, to you for enjoying, and back to the recycling and manufacturing facilities on the other side of the planet. And that's just one cycle.

When you keep and refill a bottle, it only has to make once cycle. Plus, all the non-recyclable pumps, droppers, and lids get reused, too.

That all adds up to a huge emissions reduction. Refilling at home eliminates the emissions of driving to a physical location for a refill, too.

And even though there's an itty bitty amount of plastic in our pouches, it's actually less than the amount of plastic in a pump that normally gets tossed.

Now, for the icing on the cake: you can reuse the pouches (germinate seeds in 'em, for one idea!) or recycle them with TerraCycle.

Subscriptions are awesome for saving time and money.

You'll receive your products in a gorgeous glass bottle, which you'll keep and refill when empty. (Refilling is way better than recycling.)

You can choose whatever schedule works for you, and you can change, skip, or cancel anytime through your account online.

There's no catch; we just want to keep your skin and our planet happy using the least amount of resources possible...including your time :)

Whether your skin is excessively oily, super dry, breakout-prone, or somewhere in between, we've got you.

With three different cleanser options, two different serums, and more, you can customize your own Activist Method to your needs.

Start with our Trial Kit to try 7 different products and see which ones work best for your skin.

Everything we use is rated 1 for safety by the EWG, and we consciously choose sustainable, natural ingredients everywhere possible. Learn more about our ingredients

Absolutely, 100%.

Fun fact: our founder is an animal rights advocate and has been plant based since the age of 12.

Where needed, we do use preservatives. (Products that don't come into contact with water, like our face oil, don't need a preservative.)

We use eco-safe preservatives that are rated 1 by the Environmental Working Group for safety to our bodies and environment. More about the preservatives we use

We know that essential oils can cause sensitivity if they're used above certain concentration levels or left on the skin for too much time.

That's why we use them at a safe amount and only use them in two of our cleansers. They're only on your skin for a minute and they make washing your face so much more enjoyable before you rinse them off. (We have an EO-free cleanser option, too.)

Absolutely! You're amazing for reusing a container you already have.

Of course! Check out our customer support FAQ or drop us a line at or DM us on Instagram @activistskincare