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Refill & Return

Refills for all our liquid products are here! This is a HUGE step forward in reducing waste and resources used — which means you save money, and together we help save our planet.

Shop the collection here

How it works:

  1. When your product is empty, save the bottle 
  2. Order a refill of any eligible product and save 10%
  3. Your refill comes in a lightweight aluminum bottle with a tiny, cute funnel
  4. Pour your refill into your existing glass bottle
  5. Use the included pre-paid shipping label to send the aluminum bottle back
  6. We sanitize and reuse it again and again until it has no life left - then it gets recycled

Our glass bottles are beautiful and luxe, and we want you to hang onto them for good — not toss them into the recycling bin when they're empty. A closed loop refill program is the answer!

We chose aluminum for our refill bottles because it a lightweight, durable, easy to clean and infinitely recyclable material. We believe Mama Earth approves!

We're super stoked to offer our returning customers the perfect way to keep your Activist products stocked without contributing to our planet's waste problem.

How to clean & reuse our packaging

When your refill arrives to you, it will be pure and free of germs. It's your responsibility to keep it that way by only refilling clean containers, especially for products that contain water, like Active Hydration serum or Healing Water Toning Mist. Although these products have been safely preserved, it's best to start with a clean container.

How to clean your bottles

You have options! Run them through your dishwasher, or boil them for 5 minutes in distilled water. But don't drop glass containers into a pot of boiling water — the sudden temperature change could break them! Instead, place them in the pot while the water is still cool, so that they gradually heat up.

How to clean droppers

Gently pull on the bottom half of the glass dropper until it pops out of the white bulb. Then, take all 3 parts and wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly, including running water through the glass part.

How to clean pumps

In your sink or a mixing bowl, make warm soapy water. Take the pump off your bottle, stick the tube into the soapy water, and pump away for a minute or so. Then, repeat with clean water (with no soap), and finally pump again until water stops coming out. Now, the pump is ready to be reused!

Pumps and droppers that have only been used for oils (like Precious Oils and Botanical Cleansing Oil) don't need to be cleaned because germs like bacteria, mold and yeast can't actually grow in oil.

If you want to be extra safe, feel free to follow the instructions above, and make sure they're completely dry inside and out before using them with your oil-based products again. (Oil and water don't mix!) As a final step, you can put rubbing alcohol or vodka, which evaporates really fast, through your pumps to ensure no moisture is left behind.