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I recently tried the discovery kit and fell in love! Cant wait to get the full size!

Absolutely wonderful

Fantastic products, me and everyone I've shown love this set! Bought all of them in full size after.

Refills, travel kits and gift cards!!

There is something for everyone with Activist skincare! I just received my first refills which is such a great idea to help lessen waste. Plus with upcoming travels- the travel kits are a must as they take up minimal space. Just cannot speak more highly of this clean product company ❤️


Love the size and ease of this system, as well as the fact that you can refill it! So easy to use, and decide what you want. They also gave the most sustainable refill system I’ve ever seen.

Great Kit!

The bag is cute and each product lasts longer than I expected. The spray on the toner was better than any other bottle I've ever seen (make sure you hold it far enough away from your face to get proper coverage). Overall great products.

Refillable Trial & Travel Kit

Amazing as always!

LOVE the refill pouches and the Activist toner is the best I’ve ever used.

Love the idea- waiting for results

Hi! I love the sustainability aspect of this skincare line. The products feel and smell great. That being said I’ve had a pretty intense breakout since using Activist products. I have very sensitive extremely acne prone skin, so I’m not really surprised. But I’m not sure this is the long term solution for me, unless my skin turns around by the time my full size products run out.

Fantastic Products

Love to support local companies that provide excellent Clean products!! Plus they have refill options. Save your skin and help save the earth!!!

I did not like the scent of it as it smells like sunless tanning lotion. I didn't use it because of the scent.

I love the Active Hydration Vit C Serum is Amazing!

Feels great, gets everything off, and doesn’t make me breakout. Winner winner baby!

I am a fan!

I love the Vit C Serum and the Hydrating Toning Mist, the cucumber scent in the Hydrsting Mist is my favorite! I am not a fan of the Tinted Mineral Sunscreen as it has a sunless tanning smell and it is greasy.
I'm hoping that you develop a face wash that is 100% organic soon.
Thank you!

Calming Quality

I buy and use almost every product Activist Skincare provides. That said, I've used this Calming Force Serum for over a year now and my skin has only gotten better. Any irritation or blemishes are gone within hours to a day. If you haven't tried their products, you're missing out!

Knocking one star for being a little sticky (but not that bothersome) and for being a little ashy for my partner's skin. It's not really noticeable (I genuinely don't know if they even notice it), but it does leave a little bit of a grey cast on their skin. I think we might try the darker shade next time and see if it's any better.

My partner and I both use it, and while they don't LOVE the smell (they just hate cucumber), we both agree that our skin feels and looks way better with our new routine through Activist. We looked around for a while trying to find out if other makeup and beauty companies were doing refillable yet, but I think Activist are the only people actually doing it well right now. I love the glad bottles our first purchase came in, and I love how minimal the refill packaging is.

Calming Force Clear Skin Serum

I love these products!!!

I bought these products because I am on a mission to cut as much plastics out of my life as I can. But, I have been amazed with how beneficial they have been for my skin. I have struggled with adult hormonal acne for years. The sea to skin cleanser, clarifying and precious oils serums has almost entirely cleared it up. And the products last a long time. Love it!!

Just what I’ve been looking for!

The four step method is so easy and all the products have been so great for my skin!! I ordered full size in all of them!!

Spoiled into envelope. Poor packaging

Sunscreen felt dry. One was all spilled and dry

Anti-Aging Deluxe Set
Jenny H.
Brilliant Skincare Set And Easy to Refill

The cleanser makes my skin so smooth and the finishing oil seals it all in. I’ve never been a multi step skincare fan, but this is so easy. I love that I’m treating both my skin and the earth well!

Zero Complaints for this Zero Waste Product Line

I love the feel of the bottle, the ease of use and the feel on my face!! Highly recommend the potent Vitamin C Serum!

Love this spritz!

The cucumber water is refreshing and calming. I like spraying it on in the afternoon for a nice wake up during the after lunch lull.

Almost perfect

I love how natural this product is and it also works! I appreciate the sustainable packaging. I love having a hint of coverage with spf. Minus one star because the formula isn't vegan... YET!

Great cleanser

I have used this cleanser for years. It removes all dirt and makeup from my face before I complete the rest of my skin care routine. Easy to refill and love that it’s low waste!!!