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Love these items but cleansers leave residue

Honestly all the items in the travel kit are awesome, work great and smell great. However, I noticed all the cleansers left behind a residue. Could be the soft water at my house, but generally it felt like I didn't wash them off all the way. Maybe that's the intent-to leave some mousturizing stuff behind. But for me it was annoying. Will def keep using all the other items tho!

Beyond expectations!

Great customer service!

Allison helped me with my order and was very kind, thank you!

Great customer service

Unfortunately this set didn’t work for me, I had an allergic reaction but Allison was very kind to issue me a refund which was so nice of her, considering she didn’t have to do that. I suggest buying the tester size, it f you have super sensitive skin just to make sure the products work for you.

Love these products!

I generally do not spend money on beauty products. I wash my face with whatever bar soap is closest. I decided to treat myself in the postpartum period with the Active Hydration Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum, Healing Water Toning Mist, and Precious Oils Active Infusion and I love how my skin looks and feels! Even though I'm getting 4-5 broken hours of sleep a night, my face looks like I just got back from a wonderful vacation. Highly recommend, worth the price. And I don't like spending money.

Not for me, broke out in rash

I was really hoping this would work for my acne prone skin. Love the glass bottles and the moisturizer smelled really nice. Don’t make the mistake I did and do a patch test on your arm before putting on your face. Also buy the tester sizes before going all out and buying the full set….like I did lol.

Thank you for trying Activist, and we're so sorry that you had an allergic reaction! For more info on skin patch tests, you can refer to this article:

Tinted Sunscreen solid

I purchased this product since we were headed to the beach with just carry on. I am so glad I did ! It provides a lovely non irritating light foundation with 30 spf . Use the medium to brighten any dark areas then the tan color. It applies easily over moisturizer . Looks good and I am grateful to have found this !

i love this stuff

my favorite thing about activist is that i dont need a lot of products. i use four: the cleansing oil, toner, serum, and facial oil - and my skin is amazing.

Great trial kit - will be buying full size!

It was great to be able to test out each product before having to commit to the larger sizes and I’ll definitely be reusing the smaller versions when traveling!

Love! My new favorite (and maybe my first ever favorite) face cleansing product.

SPF 30 Tinted Zinc Mineral Sunscreen Cream

Nice Products

I recommend trying the travel size bundle to determine what your skin likes. I received helpful advice in emails. My oily and dehydrated skin prefers the cleaning oil and precious oils. I like that refills and travel sizes are available.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these products!

I have been searching for a sustainable, clean skin care routine that actually works and I finally found one!! The customer service is top knotch, the products smell amazing and leave my skin feeling so happy!!

The VERY BEST you can get!

Got the system when my 55 year old oily skin got dry and chapped and really uncomfortable. Was looking for natural products that were high performance to help FAST! I am completely thrilled with the performance of this brand! My skin looks and feels amazing! Thank you so much for developing such an excellent and planet friendly skincare system! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

I love the sea to skin cleansing gel! It’s amazing! I left it on my skin for an hour and it’s so hydrating and nondrying. Then, calming serum and precious oil before bed. Woke up looking so much more refreshed! Skin is feeling amazing after just a few days of use!

Love the trial kit!

I’m enjoying each of the items in the trial kit so far. I know a couple items I’ll order full sizes of.

the cleansers smell a little weird but cute packaging and they all seem to work great so far

Simply amazing

Found Activist Skincare when my 55 year old skin started to get dry and cracking after being oily my whole life. Totally impressed with the simplicity and performance of these products and definitely HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Amazing Products and Great Service!

I ordered the trial kit to give the products a test run and I am so glad I did. The cleansing oil and sea to sea gel makes my skin feel sooo soft and clean. The calming force serum works wonders for my acne/pat acne marks. I gave the rest of the product to my mom (since it better suited her skin) and she liked them too! Not only are the products great but customer service as well! My first order got damaged during shipment and I reached out about my damaged product. The Activist team contacted me back the following morning and sent a new order for me out the same day. Wonderful team and products!

Great products!

I have really enjoyed using this product. I have noticed a visible change to my skin and a change in the way it feels and my confidence. I look forward to a long subscription with these products.

Calming force clear skin serum works great

I bought this after using the trial kit! I get a bit of troubled skin off and on and this helps to calm it and feels great! It’s a nice clean formula too. Activist is becoming one of my favourite skincare lines!


Pretty awesome purchase: i took a leap here because i’ve never used products like this and i wasn’t sure it would work for my skin. the shade medium blends into my skin perfectly and has a bit of a pink undertone which works for me because i’m pretty pale. this would definitely not work well for people with tanner/darker skin. it might look like it goes on heavy but when you let it warm up and tap it into your skin it’s great and very smooth. doesn’t feel too greasy or shiny but i wouldn’t touch your face with it on. i can see how this would be great for swim & surf.

Almost perfect

The texture and smell of this product are fantastic and I did find it to be moisturizing. I wish it had more surfactant in it, it really didn't lather up at all and made it difficult to feel like I was getting my face clean. Several times when following up with a second cleanser or toner, makeup would still come off on the washcloth meaning the first cleanse hadn't removed it all.

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Perfect for anyone who needs a great gift.

Love it

Tried the trial kit, love it all! The cleaners that are non-abrasive, the spritz, the oils for moisturizing. They smell amazing too!