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Great product

My sensitive skin had no reaction to this sunscreen. It works great!

Really enjoyed all the products, outside of the spray bottle which didn't quite work. I love that it's refillable and was shocked at which products I preferred which is why I'm glad there's a trial kit!

Feels absolutely amazing on the skin without being too heavy. It absorbs well into the skin and was surprised I didn't need a moisturizer!

Amazing Cleaning Oil

I was skeptical at first. How can an oil clean my skin? But this stuff is amazing! Cleans with none of the dryness when you get out of the shower. No more itchy, dry skin. This is favorite cleanser and I tell all my friends about it.

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Crazy good quality, best refillable skincare brand I’ve ever tried

As a green beauty blogger, I’ve tried many brand. MANY. Often I’m left wanting a *little* more. That is not the case with Activist Skincare.

I’ve tried two serums, the blue face cleanser, and the tinted spf stick. All of them are great quality, effective, and surpassed my expectations!

Extra info: I’m mid 30s, combination skin that’s acne prone but also slightly dehydrated.

Give Activist a try! I’ve found some new favourites.

Great sunscreen!

It’s great as a foundation and easy to apply. I like to use it to cover veins and age spots. It’s a quick way to have a no makeup look. Very moisturizing and gives a subtle glow. Also is very soft, so you don’t need to push up the stick very far.

love my activist skincare

am i shouting from the rooftops yet? can’t say enough how much I love this company. i love the toner and have been using for years; refreshing yet subtle cucumber scent is refreshing and my face feels so gentle and clean. recently tried the precious oils moisturizer and I love the scent and have noticed my pores shrinking and skin tone evening. I have sensitive skin and try to live low-waste so the generous sample sizes help me know if my skin is compatible.. and i can ship the containers back?! officially a convert for precious oils.

Active Hydration Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum

The toner mist I received is EMPTY.

We're so sorry about this! We've identified the issue. This batch of packaging was new, and it needed a tweak. We hope you enjoy the gift card we sent in apology :)

Healing Water Toning Mist

I adore these products!

I gave been using the Activist skincare products for over a year. I originally bought them to reduce the plastics I put into the environment, but have also found they are amazing for my skin. I have suffered what I thought was hormonal acne for 30 years. With the oil based cleanser and moisturizer, my skin completely cleared up in 2 months and has stayed that way. Plus I use less product than my previous regime, so I actually spend less money. Big win for the environment and me!

Really Great, but one minor flaw

I wish I could give half stars, because, while I have one complaint, overall I really like everything I purchased. The products seem to work really well and feel great. I’ve never tried an oil cleanser before and, at least so far, I’m sold on them. My one issue is overall not a big deal, just annoying. The pump top on the Botanical Cleansing Oil is a serious design flaw. It doesn’t pump easily and, when it does dispense, the oil gets everywhere - all over the bottle, my hands, etc. It seems like a waste of a good amount of the oil. Honestly, I’ll probably go back to using and refilling the trial size, because the eyedropper in that is significantly less annoying to deal with. I would love to see Activist come up with a new way to dispense the oil.

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Kelly J.
Amazing Assortment

Ordered various products from Activist and now going to incorporate them into my daily routine! Simple and essential to keep my skin clean and refreshed!

Love love love their products! I am prone to acne around my chin but this product does not break me out.


Leaves a grey cast on my face. Do not buy if you have a dark skin tones. Even the darkest shade still looks grey.

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Janci M.
Really love the mission and skincare

I absolutely love this serum Activist Skincare is an artisanal line that is lovingly handcrafted in small batches in our studio-lab in Southern California.
While creating incredible skincare products is our primary obsession, we are idealists at heart who look at every aspect of our business as an opportunity to be the change.
That's where we get our name: active ingredients + advocating for change

The best

I love the cleansers. So good. Everything awesome. My skin loves it .

Best products!!

I love every product I have bought from this wonderful company.. especially the DEEP MOISTURE CLEANSING BALM!! I bought the sample set to try everything.. it’s perfect for travel!

Long-Time Customer

I love Activist. I've been using ALL of their products for over 2 years now and my skin has never been healthier.

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April G.
Incredible Products

I have tried so many different skincare options with mediocre results. I have also had adverse skin reactions to some of the products from other brands, so I’m always hesitant when trying something new. I decided to give Activist skincare a try, and my skin has never felt or looked better. I am definitely a lifer! I also love that this company cares so much about environmental impact and offers refillable packaging. Brilliant!

Love these items but cleansers leave residue

Honestly all the items in the travel kit are awesome, work great and smell great. However, I noticed all the cleansers left behind a residue. Could be the soft water at my house, but generally it felt like I didn't wash them off all the way. Maybe that's the intent-to leave some mousturizing stuff behind. But for me it was annoying. Will def keep using all the other items tho!

Beyond expectations!

Great customer service!

Allison helped me with my order and was very kind, thank you!

Great customer service

Unfortunately this set didn’t work for me, I had an allergic reaction but Allison was very kind to issue me a refund which was so nice of her, considering she didn’t have to do that. I suggest buying the tester size, it f you have super sensitive skin just to make sure the products work for you.

Love these products!

I generally do not spend money on beauty products. I wash my face with whatever bar soap is closest. I decided to treat myself in the postpartum period with the Active Hydration Vitamin C+ Antioxidant Serum, Healing Water Toning Mist, and Precious Oils Active Infusion and I love how my skin looks and feels! Even though I'm getting 4-5 broken hours of sleep a night, my face looks like I just got back from a wonderful vacation. Highly recommend, worth the price. And I don't like spending money.