Self Care = Fuel for Activism

We believe the world needs activism on an everyday, massive scale. That's what it's going to take to create a new culture and society built around the wellbeing of all earthlings. But this work is difficult and draining. It's imperative to replenish our minds, bodies and spirits. Self care is fuel for activism!

That's why we're dedicated to creating beautiful and sustainable self care products, using our platform to celebrate diverse change-makers, and financially supporting the environmental movement.

Our Products

A delightful, nourishing skincare routine is one essential way to replenish yourself. Our products are natural, low waste, safe for all skin types, and a delight to use — they smell nice, they look rad and they work. Check out our simple and easy 4-step Activist Method.

Our Footprint

From 100% vegan ingredients sourced from sustainability-minded suppliers, to our glass packaging and low-waste refills offered on almost all our products, we work to ensure that our products are as good for the planet as they are for your body.

5% for the Planet

We donate 5% of our revenue to environmental organizations selected in collaboration with our Activist Ambassadors, who are incredible activists and self care advocates.

Recipient organizations have included Communities for a Better Environment, Cultural Survival, Earthjustice, Environmental Defense Fund, Rainforest Trust, and more. Customers can select any eligible organization to receive their 5% at checkout.

The Activist Journal

Our blog is an ever-growing platform where you can kick back, relax and get your fill of inspiration within the worlds of female activism and mind/body/spiritual wellness. 

Meet the team

Allison Callaway, founder

From a young age, Allison felt a strong pull to stand up for animals and the earth — work that can be emotionally and physically draining. Having learned the hard way that we can't help others unless we take care of ourselves, Allison believes in self care to refill a change-maker's cup (and she also believes in refillable packaging). Activist Skincare is her homage to those pushing for a better world every day, and her handmade products are the silver lining of her struggle with acne and long journey to loving her skin.

Jammy Ungab, marketing

Jammy Ungab is an avid water woman who regularly dives, surfs and chases waterfalls. She's also the founder of Plastic Free Bohol. Under her leadership, this grassroots organization has made great strides in the fight against plastic pollution in Jammy's home, the Philippines. In addition to advocating for a healthier planet, Jammy also steps up for people. She has organized dozens of food drives to alleviate hunger during the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read our 2019 interview with her here.