How can we be well if our planet is not? – Activist Collective

How can we be well if our planet is not?


5% of our Revenue Goes to Environmental Advocacy

When we say our mission is Health and beauty—for people and planet, it means that self care is our medium for supporting the vitality of life on earth: ours, yours, and that of the oceans, forests, animals and every other at-risk part of the ecosystem.

In order to meet the immense challenge of achieving sustainability, our society must reinvent our fundamental economic and social systems. We must encourage and motivate activism on an everyday, massive scale, and business must play a leading role in the sea change.

The early pioneers who push us in this direction when it is extremely inconvenient, emotionally draining, and often requires working against societal norms, deserve to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts to save us.

This is why the Activist business model earmarks 5% of each purchase for environmental advocacy through NGOs, and 20% of each purchase directly supports the individual activist who influenced the customer's purchase. These activists, our Activist Ambassadors, are environmental advocates who partner with us to help select the recipient organizations for our 5% earmark, promote ecological awareness, expand Activist's reach, and further our mission.

This 20% commission can become a significant income source for individuals who would not otherwise be compensated for their activism work despite its crucial importance. This is in stark contrast to the fact that so much of our economy is built on extracting the planet’s resources and destroying the environment in the process. We're proud to be among the new wave of businesses who measure our success by how much good we do in the world.

Our Footprint

We make every effort to minimize the environmental impact of our entire process. From our 100% vegan ingredients to sourcing from sustainability-minded suppliers, we work to ensure that our products are as good for the planet as they are for your body.

Our beautiful glass bottles are recyclable and our shipping boxes and packing materials are all plant-based and recyclable. We skip packing slips and outer boxes for each product in order to reduce waste.

We are always striving to reduce our environmental impact. If you have an idea on how we can improve, please contact us. We love to stay on the forefront of green innovations.