Meet Jenny Wu!

Jenny is a cat loving beauty blogger. A web developer by day, she geeks out on skincare and ingredients in her free time on her blog, Geeky Posh, where you'll find some of the most thorough and thoughtful skincare and beauty reviews around. We're huge fans of her gorgeous photography style, and so thankful to have her on our team because she shows us in such a beautiful light!

As someone who truly appreciates quality ingredients, Jenny's favorite thing about Activist is the personalization. "Every person's skin is unique, and I love that Activist recognizes and celebrates that by creating bespoke formulas rather than lumping us all in a few generic categories!" she says.

Her activism focus

Jenny is passionate about educating others about declawing, an inhumane practice called "partial digital amputation" by veterinarians. She's chosen The Paw Project to receive the "5% to charity" donation from purchases generated by her ambassadorship.

This 501(c)3 non-profit organization raises awareness about animal welfare and cruelty issues related to cat declawing, rehabilitates declawed exotic and wild cats that people have attempted to keep as pets, and seeks to end the practice of declawing domestic cats.

"As a mom to two cats, it breaks my heart to see this cruel procedure performed on other cats because their owners were not educated on the negative impact to the cat's life," Jenny says.

Her feline friends, Cooper and Shelly, make frequent appearances on her Instagram account.

Her skin secrets

Jenny describes her skin type as combination dehydrated, and focuses her regimen and product choices on hydration and brightening.

She's a fan of the Custom Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Custom Precious Oils Serum, which she reviewed on her blog. "Both are amazing in their own ways and I definitely notice an improvement in my overall skin health since using them. I also love that there's no filler ingredients in these, and that you use a combination of beneficial plant extracts with research proven ingredients like vitamin C and niacinamide!

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