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As an environmental scientist and self-proclaimed girly girl, Rachel is passionate about protecting our planet and empowering young women to feel confident in pursuing their dreams. Her work has taken her to exotic locations like Hawaii and Nottingham, and her outreach through blogging as the Blonde Biologist is a mix of sustainable and body-positive fashion and beauty content alongside engaging ecological information on issues like ocean plastic pollution.

She's chosen to send the 5% of revenue raised by her efforts to 1 Piece Each, a nonprofit organization where she serves on the board of directors as an environmental science advisor. 1 Piece Each believes that the cause of environmental deterioration is a lack of ecological education and awareness beginning in childhood, so they are developing a clear and comprehensive environmental education curriculum to empower and education youth about humanity's effects on the planet.

1 Piece Each believes, "If every person focuses on picking up one piece of trash each, we can make a serious impact on the quality of our future as a whole."

Rachel at a beach cleanup to protect Hawaii's marine life

Above: Rachel at one of several Hawaii beach cleanups she's organized with 1 Piece Each.

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