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How It Works

How We Custom-Formulate a Serum For You

custom skin care

At the core of Activist Skincare is our focus on identifying the active ingredients that are right for you, and leaving out unnecessary ingredients that you don't need.

That's why we developed a process to evaluate your skin type and provide you with an individualized skincare solution to address your pain points. It's so easy to order your custom-formulated serum and get the results you want.

Choose a serum

Many of our clients like to incorporate both the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and the Precious Oils Serum into their routine. Both serums include custom-formulated active ingredients to address your unique skin type and concerns, which may include anti-aging, sensitivity, acne, or more.

Custom formulated facial serums by Activist Skincare

The silky smooth Hyaluronic Acid Serum delivers moisture, a proprietary blend of skin-loving peptides, and individualized active ingredients deep into your skin. This serum is great to use during the day under makeup and sunscreen.

The luscious, luxurious Precious Oils Serum provides your skin with the essential fatty acids and nutrients it needs to stay healthy, along with actives targeted to your skin concerns. This serum is great to use at night.

Get your custom formulation

Activist Skincare personalized client brochure with custom formulation details

On each serum's page, click Customize to answer a few easy questions that help us determine your skin type. We'll formulate your serum with active ingredients personalized for you.

Your order includes a brochure with the details of your custom formulation, including your Key Skin Type Indicators, your Skin Care Objectives, and which ingredients we used and why.