10 Years of Boob Activism: Disrupting Lingerie with Ana Ono

10 Years of Boob Activism: Disrupting Lingerie with Ana Ono

As a mission-driven entrepreneur, I was excited to help celebrate a significant milestone with a fellow industry disruptor: the visionary Dana Donofree, founder of AnaOno. The change-making brand, which crafts beautiful lingerie made especially for breast cancer patients and survivors, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

AnaOno may seem like it has nothing to do with Activist, but at the core there's a common thread: both of our woman-owned brands were founded to address holes in the marketplace and have a mission of facilitating inner healing and empowerment, helping women access their full power.

Our conversation (video below) dives deep into Dana's journey and the transformative impact of AnaOno. This brand is not just about fashion and it's not just about breast cancer; it’s about helping enable women to embrace their evolving identities with dignity and strength.

Dana’s mission began from personal strife: a breast cancer diagnosis at the shockingly young age of age 27. This life-altering moment became a calling and an opportunity for her to use her background in fashion design to reimagine lingerie and create solutions that are comfortable, beautiful, and functional for women going through breast cancer, ensuring that no woman feels alienated due to her medical journey.

By supporting brands like AnaOno, we advocate for a world where business fosters inclusion and healing. I encourage everyone to learn more about AnaOno’s work and join us in celebrating Dana's decade of impactful entrepreneurship. Let’s continue to champion brands that make a difference.

Shop AnaOno

I have already become a fan of their soft, non-irritating fabrics made with eco-friendly materials like modal and comfortable fits created by a true fashion designer, so if you're in the market for a beautiful new bra (survivor or not), please go ahead and shop AnaOno here.

— Allison, founder of Activist

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