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Activist Skincare products are refillable. Keep your empty glass container and purchase an eco-friendly refill pouch to conveniently refill the product with less waste.

Our refill pouches contain the same amount as our glass containers, at a cost of 10% less (or 15% less if you subscribe).

Questions about why refillable skincare works or why our refill pouches are more sustainable than recycling glass containers? Check the FAQ for everything you need to know about our approach to refillable skincare.

Skincare Refill Pouches

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  • 75% less plastic

    While glass containers may be recyclable, their tops — sprayers, droppers, lids and pumps — aren't. By reusing those parts when you refill, you reduce plastic waste by over 75%.

  • 99% less CO2 emissions

    Glass is so heavy and bulky that shipping it from where it's manufactured and recycled (Asia) to the U.S. burns tons more fuel compared to shipping slim, light refill pouches.

  • 100% convenient

    Refill pouches arrive when you need them — no trip to a refill shop or post office required. Just tear open the pouch and pour it into your container. It's that easy to use refillable skincare.