Fed up with Food Waste featuring Brennan Kai

Fed up with Food Waste featuring Brennan Kai

“Relentlessly resourceful.” That’s how sustainability-focused content creator Brennan Kai chooses to approach life, from formulating tasty low-waste recipes to trying (and sometimes failing) to convince people that environmentalism is worth their time.

“Just do the best you can within your own unique set of circumstances,” Brennan told Activist Skincare’s founder, Allison Callaway, during their cross-country chat. “That’s big.”

From passionate opinions on how we can utilize AI to help save the environment to everyday tips on conducting a “pantry audit, Brennan has expert advice for everyone, from the budding environmentalist to the hardcore hippie.

Enjoy listening in our chat with Brennan, and get ready to start feeling more connected to your own little ecosystem.

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